Agate – Tree Tumbled Stones


Tree Agate tumbled stones.
Size: approx. 1 inch, some slightly larger.

4th or Heart Chakra
Sanscrit: Anahata

Tree Agate moves energy from the outer bodies and chakras into the physical level in the head-to-feet direction. Merges one’s incarnate purpose with the earth change needs of the planet. Offers a focus on environmentalism, earth awareness and service to the earth. Raises mass consciousness, helps to save plant and animal species and to heal nature.

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Tree Agate has a trigonal crystal system. It is in the mineral class of oxide in the quartz group. It’s coloring is white with green, mossy inclusions. During the formation of white quartz, green iron silicates flowed through and deposited in cracks that seem to resemble plant structures.

In earlier times, the term Tree Agate was also used for Moss Agate, Montana Agate, etc., but they belong to the chalcedony family (more clear and transparent) and not the rough quartz types which are very opaque. For this reason, the name of Agate for this one is actually false and it should be Dendritic Quartz. Since that name is already in use as a synonym for others it would seem we are stuck with the old name.

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