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Now carrying over 160 varieties of gems, crystals and minerals.

Mindful products for crystal healing and for living spiritually well. Whether you are new to the crystal world or an old pro, we hope we can direct you to exactly what you are searching for. For those who are new on this path, there is an extensive learning how/to area. Click here to learn extensive crystal information. Wondering what a stone’s healing property is? Click here to check out the detailed crystal index area. You can also check out my blog, The Whispering Wolf for tips techniques and stone information here. And, of course, while you are here, check out all the crystal goodies and Go Crystal Shopping by clicking this link.

Gemstone Boxes and Kits

I have put together custom healing gemstone kits for many purposes. To work with your Chakras, stones that work best with your Zodiac Sign, Wheel of the Year Kits and some others for more specific intentions.
Amethyst Mystic Wolf Treasure Box Subscription

Treasure Boxes

New Gem Featured Each Month!

Mystic Wolf Subscription Treasure Boxes always contain 6 to 8 items with a new gem featured each month.

Beltane Ritual Kit

Wheel of the Year

Celebrate all 8 Holidays

New box for each holiday in the Wheel of the Year. Every holiday has a unique assortment of stones, an easy to follow ritual and lots of other goodies. Limited quantities.

Deluxe Chakra Balancing Kit

Balance Your Chakras

Get Energized Again

Everything you need to balance, clear and align your Chakra energy centers.

Zodiac Gemstone Kits

Zodiac Gem Kits

Stones with Your Sign in Mind

Custom created gem kits for all the signs of the zodiac. Each includes custom affirmation.

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