Tigers Eye Merkaba Star Pendulums


Natural Golden Tigers Eye Pendulum with detachable chain lets you also wear as a pendant on a chain necklace. Each is unique and arrives with a velveteen pouch and basic instruction sheet.

Size: just over 9″ long, Merkaba Star is 44 x 17 x 17mm

3rd or Solar Plexus Chakra
Sanscrit: Manipura

Golden Tigers Eye helps in recognizing the resources in ourselves that allow us to accomplish our goals. Aids in shielding us from negative energy sources and protects against psychic attack. Clears negative energy from this Chakra and returns it to its sender. NEEDS TO BE CLEARED EVERY 7 DAYS!

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In Sacred Geometry, one of the most common symbols is the combination of two three-dimensional opposing triangles, which is called the Merkaba. Sacred Geometry symbols focus on personal development, the achievement of enlightenment and well being, and/or communication with higher forms of consciousness.

The bottom triangle represents the feminine and rotates in a counter-clockwise direction, and the top triangle relates to the masculine and rotates in a clockwise direction, all simultaneously. When looking at it straight on, two dimensionally, the design looks like a six-pointed star.

Golden Tiger’s Eye, sometimes called Yellow Tiger’s Eye, has a Trigonal crystal system, is formed in a tertiary manner, and is in the mineral class of oxide, the Quartz group. The silky sheen and beautiful shimmers seen in this stone are created during its formation process.

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