Chrysoprase Tumbled Stones


A minty to apple green shade of chalcedony that gets its color from traces of nickel. Current batch is a nice mix of light and dark mint colors.

These Chrysoprase tumbled healing gemstones are 1/2 to 3/4 inch.

4th or Heart Chakra
Sanscrit: Anahata

Chrysoprase soothes heartache and loneliness, fosters emotional balance, resolves conflicts, provides inner peace and strength. Provides courage in facing real emotions. Opens and heals old traumas and grief. Creates a trust in the Goddess, facilitates learning to flow with life, change, and reduces fear.

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Chrysoprase has a Trigonal crystal system and is in the mineral class of oxide, the quartz group. A form of Chalcedony, its apple green coloring is obtained from traces of nickle. The nickle is dissolved from the surrounding rock by silicic acid and will only provide the color as long as there is water present in the crystal lattice.

During its intermediate stage of formation, Prase Opal is created which appears to look almost identical to Chrysoprase. As water is lost, the transformation to Chrysoprase occurs, and as it dries even more it loses its bright green color and slowly pales. You could duplicate the earth’s natural processes by placing an Opal on a bed of salt which would remove the water from the crystal lattice, although I definitely could not recommend that for the Opal. This is one of the reasons I never use salt to clear or cleanse any of my gems and use my herbal mix instead.

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