Barite with Cerussite and Galena


Barite with Cerussite and Galena. Salmon colored Barite with Cerussite and Galena on matrix. Just stunning! Views from all sides shown in photos. This is a one of a kind piece. You will receive the exact one shown.

Origin: Morocco.

Size: 2″ at tallest point, 3-1/2″ wide, 2-1/2″ deep. Weighs 11 oz.

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Barite with Cerussite and Galena

Cerussite is named after Latin “cerussa” meaning “white lead”, an ancient term for artificial lead carbonate. It is colorless, white, gray, blue, or green.

Galena, also called lead glance and is the natural mineral form of lead(II) sulfide. It is lead gray and silvery in color.

Barite is known for its range of colors and varied crystal forms. Barite often replaces other minerals, and may even replace organic materials such as wood, shells, and fossils. It sometimes forms tufaceous mounds from the deposition of hot, barium-rich springs.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3.5 × 3 in


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