7 Chakra Mala Bracelet


Gently balance all of your chakras, Accented with fine pewter (no nickle or lead) spacer beads and Hamsa Hand charm.

Stretchy, one size fits all (6-3/4 to 7-1/2″). I personally string each on 1mm, heavy duty stretch cord.

8mm beads of all 7 Chakra Healing Gems (3 each):

Amethyst – Crown/7th Chakra, Lapis Lazuli – Brow/6th Chakra, Blue Lace Agate – Throat/5th Chakra, Unakite – Heart/4th Chakra,  Citrine – Solar Plexus/3rd Chakra, Carnelian – Sacral/2nd Chakra, and Garnet – Root/1st Chakra

Meditation Use: Complete five full rotations around the 21 bead mala. This will give you a full meditative course of 100 mantras, the same number of mantras completed with a full sized mala necklace. Read more about mala beads by clicking here. I also make this style of bracelet for each individual Chakra.

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There are seven energy spots that make up the major Chakras and each governs the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our lives. In healing with crystals, aid is given to the areas that may be blocked or excessive to balance the energy flow through our body and assist in our overall well being.

Many times there is a major energy shift that occurs with gemstone healing. An emotional release, past and current life healing of traumas, and other transforming events can occur.

There can also be a physical and emotional detoxification process that could continue up to a week. The changes are always positive and are usually gentle. Just let yourself become aware of what is happening and allow it.

I have always been intrigued by the ‘coincidence’ that there are seven major Chakras and seven families or shapes in the Crystal System. I don’t believe this has occurred by “accident”.

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