Thank You, Body


Thank You, Body: Moving Beyond Stress, Anxiety, and Trauma: a card deck and guidebook utilizing gratitude and self-guided practices to increase body awareness and decrease stress by incorporating mind-body exercises into your day. (more info below)

Each set includes: 

  • 33 Thank You, Body cards
  • 1 Quick Start card
  • 3 Chakra Resource cards
  • 1 Thank You, Body: Moving Beyond Stress, Anxiety, and Trauma guidebook
  • 1 cotton storage bag

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Used together, the Thank You, Body cards and guidebook introduce the reader to mind-body exercises to reduce the effects of stress, anxiety, and trauma. 33 cards, each representing a different part of the body, use artwork and a positive affirmative statement to begin to draw the user into a state of calm and relaxation.

The guidebook shares information about the body, motivates us toward gratitude, and offers easy mind-body exercises that can be done in just a few minutes. Learning to increase body awareness becomes a tool that helps one to reduce stress and anxiety. Being able to do this on your own, whether at home or in public, becomes a powerful tool.

Train yourself to utilize easy mind-body practices throughout your day to reduce stress, decrease feelings of anxiety, and calm results of past trauma.

Shawna Neal

Written and Illustrated by Shawna B. Neal, MA, LMT.

Shawna holds a safe space for healing and change as a counselor, therapeutic bodyworker, and workshop facilitator. Her experiential and intuitive approach has led many to tap into the language of their own bodies.

Thank You, Body was developed after several decades of experience, helping others find this inner wisdom.

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