Serpentine Tumbled Stones


Serpentine Healing Tumbled Stones. These vary in color and pattern from a pale yellow green to darker shades of green.

Size: 3/4 to 1 inch.

7th or Crown Chakra
Sanscrit: Sahasrara

Serpentine seems to open the path that Kundalini wants to travel and eases the transition of this energy movement. Placing it at the crown seemed to clear other chakras and provided a conduit for Kundalini energy to rise. This one, I feel, can be an aid to any chakra due to its balancing effects.

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Serpentine has a Monoclinic crystal system and is the mineral class of phyllo or sheet silicates. It is formed during a metamorphosis of alkaline igneous rocks, like in Peridot converting to its crystalline state. It can occur in rock forming processes as green ‘leaf’ serpentine or as a silvery, fibrous serpentine called chrysotile (found in Australia).

Serpentine is provided in a multitude of colors. It can be found as reds, greens, browns, blackish green and even white. In it’s lighter shades of green it is also known as Infinite Stone which is gentle and brings you into contact with angelic guidance.

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Weight .5 oz
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