Rose Quartz Merkaba Star Pendulums


Natural Rose Quartz Merkaba Star Pendulum with detachable chain lets you also wear as a pendant on a chain necklace. Each is unique and arrives with a velveteen pouch and basic instruction sheet.

Size: just over 9″ long, Merkaba Star is 44 x 17 x 17mm

4th or Heart Chakra
Sanscrit: Anahata

Rose Quartz promotes heart healing through positive self love, self esteem, self image and body image. Aids opening to the Goddess and the God within. Heals the emotional body and aids in learning to feel one’s emotions. Heals heartache and loneliness and induces emotional release and clearing. Fosters acceptance, inner peace, forgiveness and self forgiveness. Greatly assists in easing fear and soothing grief.

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In Sacred Geometry, one of the most common symbols is the combination of two three-dimensional opposing triangles, which is called the Merkaba. Sacred Geometry symbols focus on personal development, the achievement of enlightenment and well being, and/or communication with higher forms of consciousness.

The bottom triangle represents the feminine and rotates in a counter-clockwise direction, and the top triangle relates to the masculine and rotates in a clockwise direction, all simultaneously. When looking at it straight on, two dimensionally, the design looks like a six-pointed star.

Rose Quartz has a trigonal crystal system, is a primary formation and is in the mineral class of oxides in the quartz family. Pink in color, Rose Quartz is formed magmatically in chunky masses.

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