Prasiolite Tumbled Stones


Prasiolite healing tumbled stones. Also correctly called Green Amethyst.

Size: 1 inch with some being larger. Most are an elongated shape.

4th or Heart Chakra
Sanscrit: Anahata

Prasiolite repairs this chakra after a heart scar opening. Heals abandonment, loneliness and emotional upset. Soothes and refills the heart after emotional releases. Aids the heart and emotional body healing by easing fear and panic attacks.

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Prasiolite has a Trigonal crystal system and is in the mineral class of oxides, the quartz group. It’s pale green coloring comes from the traces of iron that are lodged between the layers of its structure like its sister Amethyst. While Amethyst receives its color from the presence of Fe+3 (three iron molecules) the green occurs when only Fe+2 (two iron molecules) is present.

It is a gem that is traded with variety of names and sometimes, in deeper green colors, mistaken with expensive gems like Green Beryl, Peridot and Tourmaline. While the deeper green colors have most likely received man-made heat treatments, the paler varieties (as in citrine) have been slightly cooked naturally by our mother earth.

Since 1950, almost all natural Prasiolite had come from a small Brazilian mine, and, more recently, it has been found in Lower Silesia in Poland, in the Thunder Bay area of Canada, and in some areas of Arizona here in the US.

I have found these to carry a very bright energy when held as well as appearing bright to the eye. When held, its relational connection to Amethyst, and a solid earth connection, can be felt almost immediately. I found in working with these over several weeks that its other aspects revealed themselves much more slowly, building as they increased their connection with me.

Prasiolite provided a nice calmness making deep meditation occur more quickly. Overall, I have to say this seems to be one of those stones that provides a nice ‘ahhhhh’ effect.

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