Pink Kunzite Crystals


Pink Kunzite crystals in two sizes. All natural. They are irregular shapes with some being square and some being longer. All very solid crystal form with nice transparency.

Chakra 4 and 7 symbols4th or Heart Chakra • Sanscrit: Anahata
7th or Crown Chakra • Sanscrit: Sahasrara

Pink Kunzite can be stimulating to your crown chakra and your heart chakra. It is often associated with love because wearing or carrying it has the potential to enable you to feel selfless love. A selfless love for who you are and for those around you. It connects the link between what we feel in our heart and our spirituality.

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Pink Kunzite Crystals:

Kunzite is in the monoclinic crystal system, and its crystals often take on a blade-like shape. It is a composite of lithium, aluminum and silicate, which naturally forms in large pieces. It is fairly common to find high-quality gems that weigh at least 20 karats.

The crystal structure displays distinct pleochroism (meaning it can appear to display two or three colors depending on the light source and orientation of the gem). More times than not though, Kunzite is a pale pinkish or lilac color.

Compared to other known gemstones, Kunzite is a fairly young one (discovery-wise). In 1902, a Tiffany and Co. mineralogist by the name of George Frederick Kunz first thoroughly described Kunzite. The gem was originally discovered in Connecticut, but the first large deposit was found in the San Diego area of California. It has also been found n in Brazil and Madagascar.

Kunzite determined this gemstone was an existing crystal family called spodumene, but the unique pinkish to purple color had been previously unrecognized, making Kunzite unique. The next year, in 1903, a chemistry professor named Kunzite in honor of Mr. Kunz.

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