Petrified Wood Tumbled Stones


Healing Fossilized / Petrified Wood tumbled stones. All natural, tumbled and polished to a nice sheen.

Size is one inch. Current stock is beautifully patterned and has an awesome polish.

1st, Root or Base Chakra
Sanscrit: Muladhara

Petrified Wood aids in concentration, grounds and centers us on our life path leading to our life goals. Calming, heals feelings of being scattered, flighty or indecisive. Helps us to finish what we start, promotes setting and keeping goals and helps the spirit function in the body.

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Petrified or Fossilized Wood has a Triclinic or Amorphous crystal system and is in the mineral class of Oxide. It was formed when dead wood was saturated with silicic acid in the ground. As water loss occurred it solidified. Gradually the wood was replaced by Quartz, and sometimes more rarely, replaced by Opal. There are also occurrences where the wood is replaced by Agate or Chalcedony which supply different healing properties.

Its coloring varies from brown, reddish, shades of light to dark gray, and even yellow tints. Much of its coloring depends on the circumstances present as it formed. Because of its odd shapes and coloring, many ancient peoples thought they had found old tools of the gods or giants bones and believed they contained powerful magic.

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Weight .5 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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