Intro to Runes


Thursdays: April 18th and May 16th
6:30pm to 8:30pm CST

*This will be a live, virtual 2 part class hosted via Zoom. Please go ahead and download the Zoom desktop/mobile app ahead of time at

Did you ever want to learn the ancient art of divination with Runes? This class is a 2 part basic introduction to the 24 runes of the Elder Futhark, an ancient alphabet of the Norse, plus the 25th rune, called the Wyrd Rune (or the blank Rune). We will discuss each Rune and learn ways to work with the Runes in a system of divination that works well for beginners. Class includes FREE workbook.

Students will leave with practice materials to become better with Runic divination. Find out what the Runes can teach you!

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Intro to Runes Class

Since ancient times, Runes have been used for divination and magic, in addition to writing. The word “rune” actually means mystery, secret or whisper. Each Rune has esoteric meanings and properties associated with it, beyond its mundane meaning. Each Rune has a story attached to it that can bring insight & illumination when used for divination.

Requirements: A set of runes, and a guidebook (preferably Runes for Beginners by Alexandra Chauran) Students can also purchase the guidebook for 10% off at time of class registration (regularly priced at $14.99).

Instructor: Teal brings 35+ years of experience with divination tools like the Runes & Tarot to this class. She considers herself a life-long student and feels that there is always more to learn. She loves helping people find and follow their own journey to self-discovery.

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2 Part Virtual Class, 2 Part Virtual Class & 10% off Book


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