Hematite Evil Eye Bracelets


Hematite Evil Eye Bracelets. Stretchy bracelets with handmade Evil Eye glass lamp worked beads and 8mm Hematite Beads.

Size: about 2-1/4 inch inner diameter, stretchy, one size fits all.

1st, Root or Base Chakra
Sanscrit: Muladhara

Hematite grounds and stabilizes into the earth or physical plane. Supports facing and healing the shadow side of the self. Fosters peace and nonaggression. Invites good health, vitality and helps you to feel comfortable in your body.

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Hematite Evil Eye Bracelets

An evil eye is a talisman or amulet, designed in the shape of an eye. These talismans or evil eye “repellents” come in different shapes and forms as pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings and wall hangings.

The most common color when it comes to evil eye amulets is blue. A blue eye is the color of good luck or good karma, and calm and relaxation. This color projects positive energies such as creativity, motivation, commitment as well as protection against evil eye (those glares from people envious of you). Additionally, it offers fate and karma protection  as well as a smooth flow of communication.

Hematite has a trigonal crystal system. Its mineral class is oxide and coloring is gray metallic or red if ground into powder. It can be formed in several manners: hydrothermally (out of solutions where it forms small kidney shaped crystals), as a sedimentary process (finely distributed red weathering crusts in iron ore deposits), and metamorphically (massive deposits form through loss of water in limonite sediments).

Hematite occurs in tremendous beds around gas vents on lava flows near Vesuvious and in Alaska. The most spectacular plates have been found in metamorphosed Brazilian sediments. Many crystalized specimens come from Elba Italy. The famous “iron roses” from crystal lined pockets in the Alps are unmatched anywhere else, but close examples are now being found in Quartzsite, Arizona. With its many varieties, Hematite, after Quartz, is one of the most common minerals we are likely to naturally encounter.

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