Garnet & Tree of Life Necklace


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Natural Garnet & Chakra Stone Necklace. A Tree of Life wrapped Quartz Crystal Pendant is the focal piece. Chakra stones are Red Jasper, Carnelian, Gold Tigers Eye, Green Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst and Quartz.

Each necklace is hand strung, has a hand wrapped quartz pendant and comes in natural cloth gift bag. Fine pewter spacer beads contain no nickel, lead or chromium.

Size: each is about 28 inches long. Beads are 5 and 6.5mm. Quartz focal pendants are 57 to 63mm x 13 to 17 mm wide and 14 to 16mm thick.

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Garnet is a mineral group that can range in color from red, pink, orange, yellow, greenish brown to black. While some feel these varieties should be looked upon as different minerals, the fact remains that without exception, all garnets possess the same structure, and they are ALL in the cubic crystal system. In addition, no matter the color, all are formed during the formation of crystalline slates or other metamorphic rocks.

All Garnets are in the mineral class of island silicates. Even in the variation of their formations, three laws are always followed. Each is made of two-valency metal ions, three-valency metal ions and the island silicate modules, and always in the ratio of 3:2:3. The addition of a 4th element like iron or aluminum provides the color (green through pink from aluminium, brown through black from iron).

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