Garnet Mala Bracelet


Garnet Mala Bracelet will gently balance your 1st Chakra as you go through your day or during meditation. Accented with fine pewter (no nickel or lead) spacer beads and Hamsa Hand charm. I personally string each on 1mm, heavy duty stretch cord.

Stretchy, one size fits all (6-3/4 to 7-1/2″).  21 8mm Amethyst beads

1st, Root or Base Chakra
Sanscrit: Muladhara

Garnet opens root chakra. Warms, grounds and directs energy into the root center, draws earth energy into the body. Stimulates life force, causes acceptance and balances in incarnation, boosts sexuality and fertility. Repels disharmonious others from your aura energy and draws your harmonious and sexually compatible mate to you.

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Garnet Mala Bracelet

If using a 21 bead Mala bracelet, complete five full rotations around the bead mala. This will give you a full meditative course of 100 mantras, the same number of mantras completed with a full sized mala necklace.

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Garnet helps in situations with no way out. It is the stone of crises. Throughout history it has always been in fashion in times of crises, and helps you to cope with and overcome everyday problems in extreme situations. It fortifies your inner flame and the desire for self-realization.

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