Feng Shui Coins


Stimulate the effects of your wealth corner and attach the five coins charm in the Southeast sector of your living room, bedroom or work place.

Five brass coins (23mm in diameter), wood, agate and coconut beads, and red cording.

Size: 100mm long.

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Five Feng Shui Coins can be placed in the vicinity of cash registers of business telephones, as this is believed to increase customer awareness, therefore generating more sales. They can also be placed in areas dealing with monetary gain, such as a sales briefcase, cash register counter or work desk.

You can also stimulate the effects of your wealth corner and attach the five coins charm in the Southeast sector of your living room, bedroom or work place.

Chinese coins have long been desirable, signifying prosperity and owning riches. The coins from the Ching Dynasty, the most powerful dynasty in Chinese history, are the most valued.

Meaning of its shape: they are round with a square-shaped hole in the center. This is a representation of earth surrounded by heaven. When used by mankind, they symbolize the harmony of the Heaven-Earth-Man.

Each coin has two sides. The Yang side that holds the four Chinese signs of the emperor’s reign. The Yin side has the mint mark in Manchu script.

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