Craft Connection Workshop Series


Craft Connection Workshop Series

Cost: $150 (only $25 per session)
*Can be invoiced monthly

Classes held on one Wednesday each month – 6:30 to 8pm CST.

This is a virtual live class hosted via Zoom. Please go ahead and download the Zoom desktop/mobile app ahead of time at

Dates: Wednesdays of January 24; February 21; March 20, April 17, May 15; and THURSDAY, June 6 (New Moon).

Learn the guidelines for making the magick happen such as setting your intention, choosing candle colors, common placements, timing, use during rituals and more.

See full description below.

Instructor: Sue Sullivan, CCMP, RMT

*Please CONTACT me direct for monthly payment option

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Are you new to the Craft and wanting to learn more?

I have developed this series of classes designed for learning the basics of the art of Magick, Wiccan and Pagan practices. We will not focus on one individual doctrine, but more on the common beliefs between them. I have designed these classes for those beginning their journey on this path providing the sound basics practiced by many. After completing the five basic classes you will have the opportunity to participate in a New Beginnings Ritual with other like minded folk either in person or remotely via Zoom.

In this series we will cover:

Session 1:
Part 1 – Wicca/Paganism:
 Introduction to the path. A ‘Witch’ is simply a person, male or female, who practices Magick. Magick is the conscious combination of meditation, which focuses the mind on what is needed, charged with the energy of the universe that is within a human being, directed by the actions and words of the practioner to achieve a desired result.
Part 2 – Circle Casting & Guardians: why a circle of protection is a must, options/variations for Sabbats, Full Moons, etc., when to use guardians and more.

Tools of the Craft:
 learn what tools are used in magickal practices and how to consecrate and bless them.

Session 3:
Sacred Alters:
 an altar is a physical way to connect you with your spiritual practice. Whether you are pantheistic, polytheistic, or fall somewhere in between, altars are spaces that can be set apart as sacred among the mundane aspects of our daily lives. They represent the macrocosmic in a microcosmic way.

Session 4:
Wheel of the Year:
 learn the annual cycle of seasonal festivals (Wheel of the Year), observed by many modern Pagans, consisting of the year’s chief solar events (solstices and equinoxes) and the midpoints between them. We will also cover moon cycles.

Session 5:
Candle Magick:
 candles have been used for centuries for magick and rituals. They invoke the divine and help clarify your heart’s desire and allow us to focus. Next time you want to make something happen in your life, let a candle light the way. Learn the guidelines for making the magick happen.

Session 6:
New Beginnings Ritual:
 for those local we can gather together and for those who are more distant you will join us virtually. This is an initiation ritual to the new path you have chosen to follow as well as a Summer Solstice celebration. Whether virtual or present, each will have a personal part in it.

You will be provided class materials as a pdf for each session.

Registered Reiki Professional

Instructor: Sue Sullivan, RMT, CCMP

My formal education was a Masters in Fine Arts in Minneapolis. Since then I have studied Theology to become an ordained minister, and successfully completed my Crystal Practitioner Certification for which I achieved a Master certificate in September of 2012 and a full Master Diploma in February of 2020. I am also an Usui Reiki Master/Teacher.


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