Celestite Mini Crystal Clusters


These mini Celestite clusters are sparkly and cute!  They range in size from about 1.5 to 2″ in diameter and are great for grids, kits, healing bags and whatever else you can think of. Each is unique. Some have large crystals some small. All are beautiful and have a smooth and flowing energy. The 2nd photo shows the back side of their matrix.

5th or Throat Chakra
Sanscrit: Vishudda

Celestite heals the aura, astral body and light body and aligns them. Fosters a connection and ability to work with Goddesses, spirit guides, angels, nature divas and ascended beings. Advances channeling, brings information and light for core soul healing, psychic development, spiritual and karmic growth. Evokes peace.

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Celestite has an Orthorhombic crystal system and is in the mineral class of Sulfates. Its coloring is generally pale blue to deep and splotchy blue, but it can be white, colorless, a red-brown or orange. It is usually found in sedimentary rocks, mainly in cavities in sandstone or limestone. It can also be found associated with fluorite, calcite, gypsum, dolomite, galena or sphalerite, where its coloring is generally blue. The blue is attributed to the presence of minute amounts of gold. In varieties from China, a deep, persistent blue is achieved from irradiation.

White, elongated crystals had been abundant in Sicilian sulfer mines, and large, white blades are found in England at Yate, Gloucestershire. There are many places in the US that it can be found in its blue color, but a colorless variety is found in the Death Valley area, and an orange variety occurs near Colorado Springs. Right now, some of the best is coming from the Bombetoka Bay area in Madagascar.

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