Calcite – Blue Tumbled Stones


Tumbled Blue Calcite healing stones that are nicely colored and polished to a soft sheen.

All natural. Sized at 1 inch.

5th or Throat Chakra
Sanscrit: Vishudda

Blue Calcite brings about creativity and self-expression. Soothes the throat, eases the ability to speak out, heals throat center blockages, and clears this-life trauma held in the throat. Supports peaceful assertiveness, aids in shyness, promotes the ability to speak your needs.

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Blue Calcite has a trigonal cystal system and is in the mineral class of carbonate. It is formed from solutions containing calcium through sedimentation. Its blue coloring comes from minute quantities of Barite impurities that have seeped into the mix while the crystals have formed.

While Calcite itself can be a very common find, especially in the US, generally the wonderful blue shades are found in Mexico and South America.

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