Caduceus Chakra Pendants


Seven Chakra stones mounted in a Caduceus shape. A Caduceus is an ancient Greek or Roman herald’s wand, typically one with two serpents twined around it. The modern representation of this is associated with medical and healing modalities.

Size: 20mm wide, 59mm long, and 5mm thick. Bale is 5mm x 7mm, large enough to accommodate thicker chains or cords. Cadmium, Nickel and Lead Free. Click here to add a chain.

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Illness and disease begin in the mental, emotional, and spiritual energies that are in and around us. Chakras are part of our ‘energetic body’ as they control and balance these nonphysical energies.

It is important to open and balance all chakras to increase energy flow. This may be accomplished using crystals as healing tools. The better the energy flow, the healthier we become.

An imbalance or block in the flow of energy can cause illness in the system. It can also distort our perceptions, dampen feelings and interfere with a full, happy life.

Many times there is a major energy shift that occurs with gemstone healing. An emotional release, past and current life healing of traumas, and other transforming events can occur.

There can also be a physical and emotional detoxification process that could continue up to a week. The changes are always positive and are usually gentle. Just let yourself become aware of what is happening and allow it.

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