Aventurine – Blue Tumbled Stones


Blue Aventurine tumbled stones, nicely polished.

Size:  1 inch

5th or Throat Chakra
Sanscrit: Vishudda

Blue Aventurine can be an be used at the Throat OR the Brow Chakra. Teaches, heals and regenerates. Facilitates inner child work, inner healing, and healing of emotional and mental bodies. Aids in karmic release and karmic healing.

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Blue Aventurine tumbled stones have a trigonal crystal system and is in the mineral class of oxides, the Quartz group. Its coloring is blue iridescent. Simply stated, it is a rough Quartz that obtains its sparkle from tiny deposits of chromium mica. While Aventurines in general are found world wide, generally the blue variation comes from India.

Because it is primarily Quartz in its make up, this is one of the ‘blue’ stones that is safe to make elixers from. I will take this time to remind everyone that caution needs to be exercised in selecting a gem for an elixer. Please refer to my listing (found under Using Crystals) of what not to use for that purpose. What you don’t know can kill you if you ingest it. Caution is always the safest course.

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